I’m a West Sussex based filmmaker and content creator with a full in-house video production service for creating stylish video content for brands and charities.

20 Jun 0 Comment

Sir Ridley Scott: Master of Building Worlds with Light

I’ve been advised by those in the know to write more blogs. But in the everlasting content wars - what do you blog about? Perhaps it’s my inner Brit, but I loathe the idea of content as noise purely to please Google. It has to be purposeful and interesting for me to read. Passionate. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d blog about something I’m passionate about – in this topic, I’ve chosen Sir Ridley Scott and my obsession with the way he builds worlds with light...Like many, Blade Runner was the film I saw which first pulled me into an obsession with Scott’s cinema.

13 Feb 0 Comment

From Script to Screen: using Video to successfully promote your organisation or business

Images speak louder than words. Youtube content gets nearly 5 billion views per day. Facebook video sees 8 billion views per day. Content can be shared easily. Liked videos spread to other peoples’ feeds, going viral in hours. The democratisation of media through speedy internet now allows even the smallest of organisations the ability to utilise this most accessible of marketing tools.So, you want to promote what you do with a video? Great. But how do you go about that? How do you design your message? What do you film? Nobody wants to see a video of a talking-head simply listing what yo