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I'm a West Sussex based filmmaker and content creator with a full in-house video production service
for creating stylish video content for brands and charities.

Futurist Media How not to make a video blog

How Not To Make A Video: The Art of Less Being More.

I’m a firm believer in learning from failure. Not just from our own failures – I make them all the time - but in the collective professional errors all of ...
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Lessons in Miniature

It goes without saying that I love cinema. I wouldn’t be doing what I do if I didn’t. And with that comes strange and wonderful obsessions with particular filmmakers, particular ...
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Sir Ridley Scott: Master Building Worlds With Light

I’ve been advised by those in the know to write more blogs. But in the everlasting content wars – what do you blog about? Perhaps it’s my inner Brit, but ...
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From Script to Screen: using Video to successfully promote your organisation or business

Images speak louder than words. Youtube content gets nearly 5 billion views per day. Facebook video sees 8 billion views per day. Content can be shared easily. Liked videos spread ...
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